Ahmad Kharabsheh

I discovered my love and talent for fashion when I was 10 years old. I used to sit behind my father’s desk and sketch fashion illustrations on the back of my father’s important paperwork, which my father wasn’t very pleased about when he had to photocopy the pages!

My love for fashion never stopped, I couldn’t wait to finish school and university so I could pursue my career fashion. During my years at university while studying Marketing, I interned with the designer Dima Al Azza at Merce de Cala to improve my skills, learn how the fashion industry works and to make some extra money to save up for my fashion course after graduating. I started the fashion course- Fashion Design -at GSC training services where I took several courses in sketching, draping, pattern making, production line and recyclable clothing. These skills helped me achieve one of my dreams of producing my own collection which be showcased in Jordan Fashion Week 2019.