Fanillah is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on ‎high-quality fashion that fuses Arabian-inspired graphics with ‎modern street fashion style. It’s characterized by quality fabrics, ‎bold expressive designs, special concepts and world-class ‎graphics. This uniqueness has gained Fanillah special appeal as well as a ‎regional celebrity following.‎

Fanillah has a significant and growing presence around the ‎MENA region, operating through 20+ points of sale. There are ‎three Fanillah stand-alone shops in Jordan and plans for expansion in such ‎shops all over the region.

Every season, Fanillah adds a number of fashion products to its collection. Our vision at Fanillah is to become a full range fashion brand, with high focus on its core products. Every Fanillah shop offers the market a wide range of fashion products, making it a more appealing and lovable brand throughout the region.‎