Solay Jewelry

“Our jewelry is more than just design, it is our passion transformed into a vision that comes to life with each worn piece we create. While the beauty that counts the most is that of the soul, we hope that you wear each piece knowing that it was brought to life with you in mind” – Solay

Solay is a local silver jewelry brand that launched in February 2018. Solay the result of a magical combination of passion for jewelry and love for design. All pieces at Solay are beautifully handcrafted to give you the highest quality of sterling silver shaped in skilfully designed pieces. While creating new trends in the jewelry industry is challenging, Solay has been able to excel because of its founders’ second-generation expertise in the designing, crafting and production of jewelry, paving its way in the jewelry industry through offering a wide range of products at an affordable price. Solay is unique in that it is the first of its kind brand offering exceptional products and superior manufacturing from Amman, Jordan. All our signature pieces are inspired by the beauty of the sun and the city with the most beautiful sunsets; Amman.

As a small way of contributing to the community and the country where Solay was born, we collaborated with Princess Taghreed Institute (PTI) to produce all of our packaging pouches. PTI trains women and gives them the proper knowledge and experience to sustain their future, and here at Solay we aim to support this vision through this modest collaboration.