Zaid Mushaki

Zaid Mushaki Fashion House is a brand established by Mr. Zaid Mushaki, is a passionate rising Jordanian fashion designer with a wide vision of creativity and individuality in his designs.
He is driven by everything that inspires him, may it be memories, surroundings, music, portraits, smells and even taste, art in all its forms.
Zaid is absolutely drawn to manifest his designs and vision in an unusual manner and unordinary points of perspective to leave his clients in awe! Haute Couture and Pret Couture designs, its where he finds himself most comfortable presenting his talent and manifesting his vision.
Zaid is very cautious in delivering the best results, whether in the materials used, the hours put in creating tiny details and in the quality of his overall products, to live up and rise above the viewer’s eyes and expectations in a very challenging industry.
Zaid Mushaki Fashion House launched five collections-
• Alice In Wonderland Collection
• The Queen Collection
• Ancient Garden Collection
• The Joy Collection
• The Glory Collection