Fadi Zumot

Fadi Zumot is an emerging artist and fashion designer whose work investigates manifestations of gender and sexuality through clothing, addressing social and cultural notions of expression and restriction. In 2016, Zumot co-curated and designed costumes for “Republic of the Body,” a public performance that dealt with bodies deemed “unacceptable” by society. Zumot also participated in Amman Design Week 2016 with an interactive installation “Qalban Qaliban” followed by a fashion collection. He is a founding member of the online magazine MyKali, and was formerly the Gallery coordinator at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Zumot participated in Spring Sessions Art residency 2017, where he had the chance to show at the National Gallery of Fine Arts his “leg to neck, neck to thigh, thigh to arm… “ a 48-hour performance that explores intimacy. He recently collaborated with architect Ammar Khmmash on a fashion collection that is now on display at Nabad Art Gallery. His latest fashion collection “Hram” has just been released and is now at General.3am in Dubai. Zumot studied costume design, fashion and pattern making at Jordan’s Royal Film Commission and the Instituto Di Moda Borgo in Amman.