Laith Maalouf

From an early age, Laith Maalouf, showed interest in various forms of art and design such as photography, sketching and drawing, graphic design, furniture design and fashion design. His parents encouraged him to exercise his passion by providing training opportunities under many artists and other professionals. He has been designing dresses for the family for as long as fifteen years. It is with Esmod, Lebanon that he attained professional knowledge and his work experience under Elie Saab polished his skills further. He established his business in Jordan in 2013 and since then it has been flourishing and has been appreciated immensely. In a span of five years, he has presented numerous collections in haute couture and prêt e porter fashion.
Laith Maalouf uses diverse techniques together in his collections usually such as Moulage, complex patterns, hand embroideries, layering, draping etc. His style is characterized essentially by boldness and delicacy at the same time. His designs speak of a remarkable woman, who speaks her mind and knows how to pave her way. She is capable of striking a balance between desires and duties, and finally she functions with sincere commitment in every aspect of her individuality even when it comes to painting the town red, of course with a twist!
Laith Maalouf has designed dresses for many national and international celebrities such as Saba Mubarak, Samira Saeed, Rakeen Sa’ad, Nadia Ahmad, Dorra Zarrouk, Pragya Jaiswal and many more.