Zainab Al Kisswani

Fashion Designer Zainab Al Kisswani – originally a Palestinian descendant – was born in Brazil, lived her childhood in Abu Dhabi and afterwards moved to Jordan. Zainab has always owned a creative mind; she discovered her passion for drawing, painting and handcrafting at a very young age. She embarked on her fashion career in 1991 after completing several courses in fashion and design.

She practiced and initiated various different fashion shows in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. In 2010, following the huge success of her Atelier in Jordan and Middle East, she opened her showroom extension which features everything from ready-to-wear to couture and bridal. Zainab’s designs are unique – her design team specializes in their intricate handsewn embroidery. Each design is sketched, manufactured and then developed into a beautiful master piece at the designer’s Atelier.