Zeina Ali

The story of multi-talented fashion designer began at the age of 9!
Fashionpreneur, business woman, and community leader are just the beginning of a dream with a plan to reach the sky! From a creative architecture, to a business pioneer creating and owning Chemistry Business Lounge.
An outstanding community leader who created an impactful positive change in the Jordanian community through an international youth organization called Junior Chamber International. After all hardworking efforts, on 2017 her dream saw the light, and she lunched Zeina Ali for Fashion design. The first collection “Cloud 9” introduced fashion with a local hint for all occasions. Another success was added by joining the Dubai Modest Fashion Week, and introducing her new collection “TakeWing” that has drawn the inner inspiration from women whose inner power gives them wings to soar high.. Zeina Ali’s latest collection “Synesthesia” in JAKARTA MODEST fashion week that offers contemporary apparel for elegant women who embrace style. Her participation at the talk show allowed Zeina to share her creative source of her inspiration “ women deepest emotion, strengths, and accomplishments”.
Her vision has extended beyond beauty and style, driven by her commitment to empowering women and cultivating their skills especially in underprivileged areas; she created unique employment opportunities. Travelling around the world, while enriching her cultural and leadership backgrounds towards empowering women in all areas, she has illustrated her definition of beauty and diversity of life! Zeina Ali’s message to female around the globe “Fashion is You and all about You so Wear Your Story”